Top Rated Tower Fans 2017


Top Rated Tower Fans 2017

When it’s that time of the year where the temperature is rising and your comfort levels are lowering it might be time to start looking at some of the top rated tower fans.

top rated tower fans

Now it’s important to distinguish between a top rated tower fan and the best tower fan as they might be different in your situation. As an example, someone might be wanting a quiet fan for a small room, in which case you want a loud tower fan that blows a huge amount of air, even though it might be one of the top rated tower fans out there.

So it is important to keep in mind in what scenario you are wanting to use the fan and what features and performance are you expecting or need in your situation.

Below we run through the top rated tower fans, give their pros and cons and hopefully, this will hopefully give you a better idea of whether the fan will suit you and your needs.

We will assume you know the basics of buying a tower fan, if not check out our useful guide at the bottom of this article.

#6 Dyson Am07

If you have been looking for a tower fan you have probably seen it, the Dyson Am07 is a slick looking fan.

Its aesthetics are far beyond any other tower fan out there and its bladeless fan certainly makes this safe if you have kids or pets around.

It is not short of features too with 10 speeds, the most of any tower fan. The timer has lower increments with 15 minutes, the best of any other tower fan and is far easier to clean than any tower fan.

Not only that it is very quiet, more so than a lot of other tower fans2  but it’s also energy star compliant3

Rated by Toptenreviews and Consumersearch as the best tower fan of 2017 it certainly comes with high praise.

So what’s the kicker?

Price. It is over 5 times the price as some other tower fans. Ouch.

Even given the quality, aesthetics, features, and performance it is still not the highest rated fan on Amazon.

Don’t get us wrong, it has great ratings but often the consensus is it is not quite worth the price.

Some features are also not able to be controlled by the remote control and at this price, you would have to think that’s not good enough.

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””] However, if you have the money, want the best looking fan which performs very well. This would be your number one pick without question.[/fusion_highlight]

#5 Lasko 4930 35″ High-Velocity Fan

Below we will cover the Lasko 4924, for now meet its big brother, the Lasko 4930.

As we pointed out one of the criticisms of the older version of the high-velocity fan was that it did not have a remote control.

With this upgraded model comes upgraded features, so now with the Lasko high-velocity fan, you get a remote control along with an ETL listed fan with a fused safety plug.

The fan has 3 speeds and you are able to adjust the louvers for a little more control over the airflow direction.

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]The 4930 is probably THE most powerful tower fan out there.[/fusion_highlight]

What should I know about this fan?

Noise. If you need something quiet this isn’t for you. In order to blow a lot of air the motor is going to be working hard and that is not going to be quiet.

While the fan moves a lot of air, as you can from the picture it is a small area where the air flow comes out.

So you actually get a very concentrated stream of air, not a dispersed airflow.

While you the fan does oscillate and you can control the louvers to help the air distribution, the oscillation does not have a wide angle.

So you really are left with a minimal area of airflow.

Also, we probably don’t need to tell you it’s kind of ugly….

#4 Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan 

If you are looking for a fan for a small bedroom that’s nice and quiet, this fan is not for you.

However, if you want a fan that blows…

This high-velocity fan from Lasko is one of the most powerful fans on the market and ideal for those needing to move a lot of air for a big room.

Due to the amount of air it moves it is not quiet.

This fan is actually and older model and has been replaced by a new powerful model the 4930 yet this older model has served and continues to do so to this day.

Unfortunately, due to being an older model it does not come with a remote control which makes things a little less convenient. It does have 3 speeds and also oscillates.

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]It is a very old school fan but if you understand you are getting and old school fan that blows a lot of air and isn’t that quiet, you are probably going to be happy with your purchase.[/fusion_highlight]

#3 Soleus Air 35″ Tower Fan

Most people at some stage have probably bought a Lasko or Honeywell fan, but how about a Soleus?

Soleus Air’s FC-35R-A tower fan is at the time of writing one of the top rated tower fans on Amazon.

So what does this fan bring to the table?

Feature wise the fan is not so different to your average tower fan. It has 3 speeds, a remote control, a timer, breeze mode and oscillates.

The information is all displayed on and LED display, which not all fans have (some fans just have analog displays) it also has a sleep windspeed mode which a number of, especially older, fans don’t have.

Where the FC-35R differs from many is in its trajectory of the air it pushes out.

Most fans pump air directly forward, however, the Soleus is built on an upward angle pushing the air on a slightly upward angle, perfect for aiming at someone sitting on a couch.

Many tower fans tend to suffer from similar fates when it comes to customer reviews such as durability issues, too loud or doesn’t blow enough air. It’s the fans that address these issues that really set themselves apart.

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]Though it does suffer from these issues from the occasional purchaser, much like the Lasko T24500, Soleus Air’s FC-35R-A does what it is meant to do with a little more quality than some others.[/fusion_highlight]

#2 Lasko T24500 24″ Tower Fan

As we mentioned above, the top rated tower fan may not necessarily be the best and this fan may be case and point.

The Lasko T24500 is one of the top rated tower fans on Amazon, but the fan is small and may not be suitable for large spaces.

Having said that the customer satisfaction of this fan is very high, so let’s look at the Lasko goodness.

Like most other tower fans it has 3-speed functions and oscillation option, timer and sleep mode and all this can be controlled by a remote control.

You are also able to adjust the louvers to control the fan direction a little more.

There is actually not a lot that is unique about this particular fan bar one thing. The size.

Being only 24″ Lasko’s T24500 is much smaller than most tower fans and is aimed at people looking for a smaller fan for a smaller room.

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]Essentially Lasko’s T24500 does what a fan is meant to do and does it well.[/fusion_highlight]

If you are looking for a high-quality fan for a small space you would certainly want to look at this top rated tower fan.

People looking for a powerful fan for a large space, this is not for you.


#1 – SPT SF-1523 Reclinable Tower Fan with Ionizer

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]This fan has a couple of features that a lot of other fans do not have[/fusion_highlight]. The first being, as the title states, it’s reclinable.

Why does this matter?

As you probably know most tower fans oscillate from side to side which is great, but that means you only get the air pushing out at the same height. If you want to point the fan at your face if you are sitting in a chair. You can”t.

You can now!

With the SPT SF, you are able to tilt the fan up to 12 degrees which gives you a greater flexibility in controlling the airflow. This feature really sets this fan apart from its counterparts.

For even more control over your airflow, the louvers oscillate up to 55 degrees as well.

The second feature this fan has that the majority don’t is an Ionizer. With a switch of a button, you are able to turn the Ionizer on or off.

What is an Ionizer and why would you want one?

In short, an ionizer is supposed to clean the air in the room which is meant to help with conditions such as asthma and allergies.1  You can read about pros and cons of ionizers here.

So what’s the downside with this fan?

[fusion_highlight color=”#e2fdde” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]Well, one of the things that makes this one of the top rated tower fans is that it doesn’t have too many downsides[/fusion_highlight]. Having said that there was a common niggle from a design perspective.

When you want to choose a speed setting you are unable to just choose high, medium or low, you have to cycle through high, medium, low and off to get to where you want to go. Then you will have to re-input your oscillating settings again as it does not remember your settings.

A minor niggle from an otherwise high-performing fan.





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