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 Tall Tower Fans – Five tallest options for your home

Tall Tower fans are a popular choice for people wanting to provide some airflow for their home or office. Their most effective advantage is that they can fit in your home or office space without the inconvenience of taking up too much floor room and can fit in spaces that would not normally accommodate a cooling unit. Tower fans are cost effective as compared to air conditioning units. That does not stop with the initial purchase, as they also happen to require low maintenance, which limits the overall cost. Tower fans run quietly, are easy to operate and are highly effective when it comes to providing a cool breeze. Combine all these benefits with portability, safety, and their stylish design and you have the best choice for a cooling accessory in your home or office.

Shopping for a tower fan can be an excruciatingly overwhelming process. There are quite a number of tall tower fans in the market and they all have pros and cons. In this instance, you might be looking for a tall tower fan. Below we have put together the following list of the five best tall tower fans available in the market.

Lasko T48303 48 Inches

Tall Tower Fans Lasko

As far as tall tower fans go, this was the tallest one we could find. The Lasko T48303 offers a 4-speed operating mode, which is easily adjustable, runs quietly and shifts smoothly between the modes. The fan provides widespread oscillation to cover the entire room. It has a remote control feature with multi-function. To avoid misplacing the remote every now and then, the fan features a remote storage compartment in its stylish design. The Lasko T48303 comes with an inbuilt ionizer for fresher, healthier and cleaner air. It also has an impressive electronic timer that can be set up to 7 hours to save on energy. Like all Lasko tower fans, it features a slim and stylish design, at 48 In. in diameter and a height of 4 ft. It operates without the need for batteries. The fan ships at 12.5 pounds and requires simple base assembly. 

Lasko 4821 48 Inches

Tall tower fans Lasko

The Lasko 4821 features a slim and classy design at an impressive height of 4 ft and with 48 In. in diameter. The fan has a shipping weight of 10 pounds and an assembly weight of 11 pounds. It comes equipped with a widespread oscillation feature to cover the entire room, as well as an inbuilt ionizer for fresh, clean and healthy air production. The Lasko 4821 offers a 3-speed operating mode and runs smoothly and quietly through each of the operating speeds. It also has an electronic timer feature for automatic shut off to conserve energy. The Lasko 4821 has full multi-functional remote control access and features a storage compartment in its design. Simple assembly of the fan’s base is required after purchase. Its design also includes a carry handle and lighted electronic controls. The Lasko 4821 is available in gray.

Lasko 4820 48 inches

Much like the Lasko 4821, the Lasko 4820 features a slim, compact, portable and stylish design. The shipping weight of the Lasko 4820 is 12 pounds but it has a total item weight of 14 pounds. It is 48 In. in diameter and has a height of 4 ft with a widespread oscillation feature. The Lasko 4820 is equipped with a fresh air ionizer and bears an operating capacity of up to three-speed levels. It is fitted with an electronic timer allowing for automatic shut off to conserve energy. Like all Lasko tower fans, the 4820 comes with a multi-function remote and has an onboard storage compartment for the remote. It also has lighted electronic controls. The Lasko 4820 is designed to operate without the need for batteries and comes in either metal or plastic with a carry handle. The available color is gray. Again the assembly of the base is required after shipping. There a number of other Lasko fans at this size available too.

Black & Decker BDTF 4700R 47 inches

Tall tower fan Black 6 Decker

The Black & Decker BDTF 4700R is a great alternative for those of you who are after an alternative to the Lasko brand of tower fans. One of the most notable and convenient differences is that this tower fan does not require assembly after shipping. It features a simple yet elegant and functional design with 47 In. in diameter. The overall weight is 11 pounds, though its shipping weight is 14.2 pounds. This tower fan comes with three-speed modes namely; the sleep mode, wind mode and natural mode. It has an LCD display and has remote control access. It comes in black and does not require the use of batteries in its operation. Though the Black & Decker BDTF 4700R is powerful, it is designed in such a way that it has limited energy consumption.

Excelife LF-45R 45 inches

The Excelife LF-45R features one of the best designs when it comes to style. It comes equipped with soft-touch digital electronic controls as well as remote control access. It has a comfort speed adjustment among the available three-speed modes namely; normal, sleep and natural modes. It features an 80-degree oscillation capability in its 45 In. diameter design. It does not require batteries but needs assembly after shipping. It weighs 11.2 pounds and has a carry handle.

These 5 tower fans reduce the amount of time and effort you would have spent searching for the tall tower fans. Do you own or have tried any of these fans?
Do you know of any taller ones? Let us know your thoughts!


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