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Best Tower Fan 2017 – Check out our guide below.

When temperatures are high but you don’t want to use the air conditioning, you’re going to want the best tower fan for your home. 

If you are unfamiliar with what an oscillating tower fan is, it is a fan that moves from side to side, from a stationary stand. They are a great way to help cool your home. There are several advantages of having an oscillating tower fan in your home along with pedestal fans. You can find out which is better for you in the great tower fan vs normal fan debate.

  1. It provides better cooling than stationary fans. This is because the fan rotates and it allows for better airflow around the room.
  2. An oscillating fan gives you a lot of choice in where you want to place it. Because of their design they can fit in many places traditional fans may not.
  3. Many oscillating fans are also easily adjustable and you can change the height and the angle of the airflow. Most oscillating fans can also be operated by a remote, so you can turn them on and adjust them without ever moving.
  4. Lastly, they are a great way to assist your air conditioner by spreading the cool air around your room.

There are a large number of tower fans to choose from and if you are looking for the best tower fan for your home you will want to ask yourself a few questions first. Are wanting one that blows the most air? Are you looking for the quietest one? The one that looks the nicest? The cheapest? Obviously it would be nice to have all of those packed into one sweet little package but unfortunately, the reality doesn’t quite come as pre-packaged as that. But that’s not to say there’s nothing out there that won’t suit your needs. Once you have established what those needs are then your search becomes a whole lot easier.

Before you get started if you are unfamiliar with tower fan terminology and what things you should be looking for, check out our useful guide below the fans.

So what is the best tower fan?

Well that’s a tad hard to answer as there are certain tower fans that do great with some features but not with others, or some might be incredibly pricey and out of budget for what you might want to spend on a fan. Below we will break down the best tower fans with the features that matter.

Best tower fan for wind power

Sometimes people might be looking for a really strong tower fan to get as much air blowing around the room as possible. There are a number of great tower fans that do this, but some neglect the fact that these tower fans end up being very loud. We personally tested one of these powerful fans, the Lasko 4443  Hybrid and yes, it blows a lot of air, but if you read through the review and see that it is certainly a lot louder than the other fans we have tested. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a trade-off when it comes to really powerful fans, you are going to have to accept the noise.
For this particular section though we will assume the noise doesn’t matter to you. So what is the most powerful tower fan out there?


From our research, we believe the Lasko 4930 is the most powerful. This fan is a high-velocity fan and as close as you will get to an industrial fan without being one.

Best tower fan for minimal noise

How noisy a fan is is often a huge factor in purchasing a fan for most people. It’s very common for tower fans to be used at night in the bedrooms while people are going to sleep, so of course it’s important to have a fan that’s not going to keep you awake at night.

There are other things to factor in when after a night time fan. If you want the fan to turn off automatically after you fall asleep then you would want timer functionality on the fan. Fortunately most oscillating tower fans come with this feature in vary degrees of function. Another sound factor to take in is that the remote controls on a lot of oscillating models tend to beep when you use them (or the unit itself does when recognising the command) This can also be an issue for the nighttime fan users.

Many purchasers actually prefer their fans to have white noise which helps them sleep. If you are one of these people you are in the right place.

So given these criteria and the research, we have conducted so far we have found the Vornado 143 to be the quietest fan we have found so far at 56.9db its highest speed.

While it may be quiet on its highest setting we did find that it does not blow as much air as other fans on this setting.

Unfortunately, without testing every fan on the market there is not really a way to definitively say which tower fan is the quietest. However, over at MyBestDiggs, they did test the noise of the AM07 and found it was indeed one of the quietest fans out there. If you read through multiple consumer reviews of tower fans you find the one man’s noise, is another man’s quiet. While we have not tested every tower fan, we can tell you the quietest tower fan we have tested so far is the Vornado 143 which on its highest setting was 56.9 DB. We found the highly touted Dyson AM07 measured 61db which has a lot more features and settings than the Vornado and certainly has a bit more airflow. Compare the fans we have tested so far here.

The Vornado 143 tower fan is the quietest we have tested and quieter than fans also tested by others. It is by no means the most powerful, however,

Tallest tower fan

Tower fans come in many shapes and sizes. For the most part the tower fans are fairly slim and can fit in reasonably small spaces. Some of your more powerful fans but be a little bit larger to accommodate the motor for the extra power. A lot of people look for tall tower fans. The upside to having a tall tower fan is that the air being circulated is being output much higher than your lower fans. We have actually compiled a list in another post of your tallest tower fan options. 48 inches is the tallest tower fan we have found and Lasko make most of those.

Best tower fan with the most speeds

When looking for a tower fan you will likely find that the good portion of fans only come with three wind speed settings; low, medium and high. For some people this may not be a sufficient amount of choice. It’s good to have options and there are still a few fans out there that give you a whole lot more than just the 3 speeds. You should be able to find a tower fan with options all the way up to 10 speeds. The Dyson AM07 is the fan we have found with the most wind speed settings with 10. Those of you that have heard of Dyson know that these tower fans are VERY expensive. So we thought we would mention there were a number of much cheaper options with 8 wind speed settings also such as the Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan.

The Dyson AM07 has 10 speeds – the most of any tower fan

The tower fan with the most positive feedback

Consumer reviews are a great way to gauge what a product might be like, obviously the more positive reviews the more likely that the product is going to be decent. However, you can be easily mislead. We have found many products with favorable reviews given in exchange for discounts or free products. This can bump the ratings up to look really good on sites such as Amazon, but is quite deceptive. On the other side of the foot competitors have been know to write unfavorable reviews on their counterparts products, bringing ratings down and leaving readers thinking twice about their products. Having said that the fan with the most positive feedback we have found has had so many purchasers and is quite clearly one of the fans that have left customers happy with their purchase. With over 5500 reviews and around 81% positive reviews it’s fairly safe to say that this fan, according to consumers, is probably the best tower fan according to consumers. Another popular fan is the Ozeri tower fan, though the Lasko 2551 has a much better rating from its owners.

Best tower fan Lasko 2551
The Lasko 2551 Tower fan is one of the most highest rated tower fans by consumers.

Looking for a safe tower fan

On Jan 24 2011 Lasko had to make a recall or certain models of fans due to a fire risk. Luckily no one was hurt but the good news is that it likely helped with further safety standards when it comes to tower fans. Many tower fans now come with a safety fused plug for more protection. Along with that, you can look for the ETL listed mark which some tower fans have which means the fans have had an independent safety test.

The best tower fan with Ionizer

Ionizers are a somewhat controversial feature. There are many that say that ionizers have negative effects on your health, while others tout the benefits of having an ionizer in you home. Having an air ionizer and an HEPA air filter are quite different in the way they approach cleansing the air and there is a good breakdown here. Whatever the case, there are a few options, though not all that many, available for you if you are looking for the best ionizing tower fan. The fan we found with the most positive feedback with an air ionizer was the Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer.

Best tower fan Lasko 4820
Lasko 4820 – The best tower fan with ionizer we found

The tower fan with the best warranty

When you purchase any electronics you want to know that if your purchase breaks down you are well covered. If you have been looking for a tower fan and reading through any reviews you will noticed that the fans quite often break down or develop fault which seems to be a common complaint with tower fans. Most tower fans you will find, come with a 6 month to a year warranty. That isn’t a long time and often the fans break down shortly after those time periods. It is a very short window of coverage. Luckily there are a few companies that do provide a bit of coverage. Dyson provides a 3 year warranty for its fans and to be honest at that price, you would expect nothing less than that. It is not, however, the longest warranty for a tower fan available. Vornado provides a 5 year warranty on their tower fans. Great to see a company back their products so if you are looking for the best tower fan warranty, Vornado is worth a good look.

Best tower fan Vornado
Vornado provide a 5 year warranty with many of their tower fans

Below is our guide to help you with understanding some of the features you will find when searching for the best tower fan.

Fan Speeds

You will find for the most part that tower fans come with at a minimum of 3 air flow speeds low, medium, and high. The fan speed controls how fast the fan blows out the air. 3 speeds is the minimum standard tower fans. There are a number of fans with more speeds for instance with the Dyson AM07 comes with 10 speeds and a number of other products come with 4 and 5 speeds.


Oscillating tower fans are also the norm these days and all the best tower fans come with this feature. It’s a necessity for spreading your airflow around whichever room you are trying to cool. Fans these days will oscillate to various degrees ranging from around 45 to more than 90 degrees.

Airflow settings

There are a number of fans that offer a variety of settings in terms of how the air is output. You will have your traditional fan slow which blows air at a constant speed. Combined with the oscillation its the main setting for any tower fan.

A variation which some brands of tower fan include is Nature mode. This is an attempt to create an airflow based on a natural breeze itself. As a breeze is not the same constant airflow this setting tries to emulate that by cycling through the fan speed settings often randomly. You might come across one or two variations of these but for the most part, you will often come across these airflow settings. The best tower


Another feature tower fan purchases shouldn’t go without is the automatic timer. This function is great for a number of reasons. Trying to get to sleep on those warm nights but don’t want to catch a cold during the night? You can program the fan to turn off after a certain amount of time, maybe an hour or two after you sleep. No waking up in the middle of the night to turn it off. Not only is it convenient but it will also save you a lot of power if you need to leave your fan running for a certain amount of time, but not the whole day or night. Just set the timer and off she goes. Timers on tower fans have a lot of different ranges, some you can change at 15-minute increments and some start from 1-hour increments.

Remote Controls

There won’t be many tower fans these days that come without an infrared remote control. All the best tower fans will have one. These are great additions for those that need to control their unit from afar such as at night in the bed, or from the couch. Along with the remote control, many fans come with a storage place on the unit itself to store the remote when not in use. Some have a magnetic piece on the unit to stick it to.
Being infrared, in order to work, you will have to be in the line of sight with the sensor on the unit. With some units, the placement of the sensor can make this a bit problematic as some sensors are placed on the part of the unit that oscillates, and I’m sure you can imagine how fun that would be trying to change settings. Some units have the sensor on the top of the unit, which means you will have to have the remote aiming down from above for it to work. Other small things to consider is the whether or not the remote makes sounds when you change settings. With some units, purchasers have complained the sound is too loud and can wake people up who are sleeping – not ideal if you plan to be using your fan in your bedroom at nights while others are sleeping.


The theory behind Ionizer’s are that they are meant to produce a higher quality of air making the space healthier to be in. It is a fairly contentious issue as to whether or not there are more benefits or cons in regards to this feature. Some claim there are numerous benefits to ionizing your air. While there could also be some negative outcomes in ionizing your air. Whatever the case there are a few tower fans out there that come with a fresh air ionizer so should you want one with your tower fan there are definitely options available for you.


Thermostats are not a common feature on tower fans probably due to the fact that tower fans do not really control the temperature of your room. Quite often purchasers confuse tower fans with air conditioning units. Tower fans are not capable of air conditioning and many people have bought one and ended up disappointed because of this. Though some fans use the cool air from the bottom of the room to blow out tower fans are not able to control the temperature of your room. There are still the occasional tower fan out there however that do have a thermostat.


Noise can be a big factor to consider when purchasing a tower fan especially if you are wanting something quiet for the bedroom at nights. Many tower fans are bladeless so are a little quieter than their traditional blade fan counterparts. Some fans opt to blow more air than being concerned about the noise so you will want to make sure you are not buying one of those for your bedroom while you are trying to sleep at night! Many people like the white noise tower fans produce at night which helps them sleep. Before you buy if you can find out the db you can get a good idea of how loud the tower fan might be. The quietest fan we have found is 61 DB at its highest setting (ten settings on the fan). That’s about the same amount of sound as a conversation in a restaurant.


Cleaning tower fans will depend on the type of tower fan you have. There are a lot of fans without blades now so it makes cleaning a whole lot easier. You will want to check the instruction manual for how to properly clean your fan but the most common method of cleaning your tower fan is with a damp cloth and water, for the exterior of your fan. Don’t use any detergents or liquids as this may damage your fan. For the insides of you fan a lot of products recommend using your vacuum cleaner brush for cleaning. The problem is with some fans is that the brush will only reach so far in through the grills of your fan. A lot of bladeless fans are not made to be taken apart so getting in amongst the bits and pieces can be difficult. So another perhaps slightly easier method is using compressed air to blow out the dirt and dust. This is a good method too for those fans that still use blades. Although you will likely find these fans a bit easier to take apart and get into those nooks and crannies.


Depend on where you are buying from and where you live, you will want to make sure you tower fan runs on the same voltage/Hz. You can find out what your country runs here. Most tower fans on Amazon run at 120v. Another safety standard for tower fans is being ETL Listed.


The amount of assembly required will vary depending on which fan you purchase, although there is fairly minimal assembly required for most fans. Some may take you up to 15 minutes and there are others that work straight out of the box. Generally, most of the assembly required with tower fans are securing the unit to the base and requires a few screws.


When looking for the best tower fan its always good to know you are covered in the case of faulty parts or unit. The quality of some fans out there is questionable so with a longer warranty you can feel much safer with your purchase. Warranties for tower fans we have found range from 1 year, which is probably the most common up to 5 years. 5 years is an extremely good warranty and its great that company is backing their products. We found quite often fans breaking down shortly after a one year warranty. Most people don’t want to be buying a new tower fan every year. Always find out what the warranty of your fan is, and keep the box and receipt just in case.

We hope you find our tower fan reviews provide you with all the information you need to make a choice you can be confident is the right one for your own home and budget.